Together: Luminous Cloud ® and Luminous OnP ®

Luminous Cloud ® and Luminous OnP ® are an optical network management solution which enables unparalleled operational visibility. Intelligent Visibility has designed, developed, and manufactured Luminous Cloud ® and Luminous OnP ® with a common goal of unifying fiber plant and network IT operations.

Visual Fiber Plant Management

Use GIS map layers to manage the fiber plant layout:

- Draw, import, and/or export 20+ industry-standard formats

- Visually detect faults which reduces the mean time to resolution (MTTR)

- Customizable base map layers using services from third-party map providers

- Luminous Cloud ® map layers easily integrate with many third-party geographic information systems (GIS)

Hierarchically track fiber inventory:

- Visually represent Point-of-Presence (POP) and data center physical assets

- Rack views visually represents physical cabinets / racks which reside in a POP and Data center locations

Fiber Path Management:

- Physical paths: Manage strands / trunks between any two physical points with asset ownership assignments

- Virtual Paths: Manage end-to-end fiber paths to / from network devices including all cross-connect or splice points

Location Based Operational Management

Centralized interface to track and manage ongoing fiber plant operational events:

- Real-time collaboration between central and remote workers

- Keep everyone on the team in sync with virtual-team notifications

- View real-time event updates to all assets under your control in a central team virtual-room

- Document management for any content related to assets

- Capture test results, pictures, or other documents for departmental documentation

- Capture all of the above real-time while working on an event, such as sharing OTDR results, pictures of rack layouts, etc.

Associate content to any POP, Data Center, rack, or path asset:

- Case management integration with help desk ticketing software solutions

- User configurable event-notification driven workflow

- API Integration with Solarwinds ® and Zabbix ® network management systems

Luminous OnP (Optical Network Probe)

- On premise hardware that delivers advanced passive optical monitoring (PON) with Luminous Cloud ®

- Provide full time OTDR testing for dark and active fiber

- Every Luminous OnP auto-registers with Luminous Cloud ®

- High density fiber monitoring capacity for up to 64 strands of SMF in a 1 RU footprint

- Optical power monitoring:

- Measure and record historical optical power levels for each strand

- Detect and alert power loss over time

- Intelligent OTDR testing:

- Scheduled routine OTDR baseline scans

- Reactive test to events such as optical power loss

- SNMPv2c / SNMPv3 management

- The Luminous hardware architecture is designed and hardened to meet the most demanding physical environments

Modern Cloud Based Software Design

- Luminous Cloud ® is a complete web-based cloud application service

- Luminous Cloud ® runs on top of the most scalable and reliable cloud service providers

- Created using the latest web development standards (HTML5, CSS3, JS)

- Turn-key full featured support without the need for plug-in installation or server installation

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